Plant Units

Drying Unit of Plasterboard Plants

Multi-level drying units, designed and manufactured by ERBA, have from 6 to 10 levels, depending on the capacity of plasterboard production factory.

Dryer is used to dry the plasterboard in order to gain strength. Therefore, our dryers have a fragmented structure and their capacities can be increased according to customer request.

There are fans that provide transfer of the hot air from burner into the dryer, to every levels of dryer. 5.6% of heat recovery is achieved with using stainless steel heat exchanger.

Travelling speed of plasterboards on conveying systems and the speed of the dryer is synchronized in feeding machines. Also, gap between the transferred plasterboards is cleared automatically. Dryer outlet makes plasterboard sequentially and it concludes drying process before trimming and stacking on pallets.

Humidity and temperature values can be controlled. With electronically control system, made by our automation team of experts, all drying flow has become processable and treatable.

Forming and Setting Unit of Plasterboard Plants

Forming and setting unit provides forming of plasterboard width and thickness as complying with customer demand. This unit consist of Form Press, Knife and Freeze Tape. Form Press is used to compress and form of gypsum mixture between the upper and lower plasterboard papers.

Knife is used for cutting the length of plasterboard and the Freezing Tape provides the desired solid form of plasterboard before entering the Jet-Dryer.

Vertical and Horizontal Transfer Unit

All transportation operations, both vertical and horizontal, in our factories are performed through Bucket Elevators, Belt Conveyors, Roller Conveyors and Screw Conveyors. All the machines located in factories built by ERBA, are projected with top-level engineering calculations. All equipment and materials are certified in accordance with European Standards.

Dosing units of Plasterboard Plants

Liquid and powder materials such as foam which is produced by high precision flow meters and appropriate dosed gypsum, water, plasticizers are homogeneously mixed in mixer.

Bundler and Packing Unit

Plasterboards are ready to use from Bundler exit, are sent to Stacking Table with transfer units. These boards are aligned with

pneumatic pistons in stacking table. Number of stacking boards can be easily adjusted by means of adjustable descending stacking table. Plasterboards that is ready in stacking table are moved to the forklift table, and then boards are transferred to warehouse as ready to shipment.